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May 02, 2023

Crane Calls for Navajo Nation to Have Access to Gravel Pits for Urgently Needed Infrastructure

In a new letter to U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Debra Haaland, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) calls for improved efficiency and accountability of federal permitting, regarding Navajo Nation and the use of gravel pits owned by the Nation.

Across all Navajo Nation, 77 percent of the roads are dirt, making them widely unusable during periods of rain and snowfall. A minor rainstorm can isolate Navajo Nation from the rest of the region, cutting them off from needed resources.

Navajo Nation currently has the capability to produce sand and gravel resources that can be used to construct new roads at a low cost. However, due to unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, the Navajo are required to import road materials into the Nation, which is both burdensome and avoidable.

The recent flooding impacting Navajo Nation highlights the need for Navajo Nation to have access to these gravel pits so transportation issues are not exacerbated in emergency situations.

Instead of hindering Navajo Nation with useless government regulation, they should be empowered to be self-sufficient.

Click here to read the full letter.