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May 23, 2023

The Arizona Republic Op-Ed by Rep. Eli Crane: Biden Made the Border Worse. Time for House Republicans To Step In

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Under the Biden regime, the southern border is a national liability with thousands of migrants breaching American sovereignty every day.

Now, as Title 42 has officially expired, the chaos and unlawfulness we’re witnessing is set to intensify exponentially.

Title 42 is a Trump-era policy that gave border officials the right to swiftly deport those apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Customs and Border Patrol have used the policy to immediately expel 40% of those encountered at the border per month.

More than 2.8 million expulsions have resulted from Title 42, fortifying our national security.

The Biden administration has known for months the policy would expire on May 11 and chose to ignore the catastrophic ramifications of expiration without a serious plan in place.

Our border facilities are already inundated — the Tucson Sector is operating at an astounding 154% of its capacity.

Arizonans will continue bearing the brunt of Joe Biden’s negligence.

Since Biden took office, almost 200 terror watchlist members have been apprehended trying to cross.

More than 1.4 million people have evaded Border Patrol, making their way into our communities; and nearly 40,000 pounds of fentanyl that kill tens of thousands of Americans each year have been seized.

As Americans, we expect our commander in chief to protect our rights and our homeland, halting this invasion in its tracks. Former President Obama even said that as president, he had no higher duty than protecting the American people.

Then-Vice President Biden must have missed that speech.

Under Biden’s border “plan,” those who have illegally crossed will still be processed and released into the United States. Our immigration system is supposed to benefit Americans, not impose unnecessary burdens on them.

Worse yet, these policies continue to line the pockets of the cartels and human traffickers who have profited from the rollback of Trump-era border security policies.

As most in our government do nothing, fully aware that a flood of unlawful entries is imminent, House Republicans just passed the Secure the Border Act of 2023.

As the only member of Congress from Arizona on the Homeland Security Committee, I’m proud to have played a role in crafting this legislation that would create overlapping deterrence to keep Arizonans safe.

Most importantly, the bill would resume construction of the border wall — the most vital piece of infrastructure in keeping Americans, particularly Arizonans, safe from drugs and crime.

Second, it strengthens our asylum process, reestablishing operational control and stability.

It would also provide our courageous border patrol agents with modernized technologies as they protect our communities, mandate the hiring of 22,000 Border Patrol agents, alleviate CBP’s retention issues, support local law enforcement in border states and combat overly lenient asylum processing, among other security-bolstering measures.

The United States has no moral obligation to admit people who have broken our laws. It does have a responsibility to enforce immigration laws and protect the border.

This shouldn’t be controversial, and it certainly shouldn’t be a political issue.

Since the Biden administration won’t do its job, House Republicans will.

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