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June 06, 2023

In Bipartisan Push, Reps. Crane and Menendez Urge DHS to Support Critical Cybersecurity Programs with Israel

In a new letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) and Rep. Rob Menendez (D-NJ) expressed support for two critical national security programs with Israel and voiced concern that FY23 funds were not delegated to these essential projects.

The BIRD-Homeland Security Program has been instrumental in developing technologies for our first responders, while the U.S.-Israel Cybersecurity Cooperation Program promotes collaboration on improving the security and resilience of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

In an ever-changing digital landscape where our adversaries are eager to take advantage of all perceived vulnerabilities, maintaining our competitive edge in the field of cybersecurity is absolutely essential.

Israel is a renowned leader in cybersecurity and the United States should take advantage of the unique partnership between our two countries to bolster our security infrastructure.

“As foreign nations continue to develop high-quality digital and physical cybersecurity infrastructure, it is crucial that we maintain our competitive advantage in these areas,” the letter reads. “Amidst heightened competition with China and regular cyberattacks from Iran, bilateral cooperative programs with strategic partners like Israel can help to protect our critical infrastructure from cyber threats.  Congress has long recognized the importance of bilateral cybersecurity cooperation with Israel, a global leader in cybersecurity. Israel’s commitment to cyber protection against malicious actors such as Iran makes the nation an optimal partner for the United States.”

Read the full letter here.