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July 07, 2023

Crane Introduces Bill to Nullify Biden Admin’s Obstructive Violation of Tribal Sovereignty

Recently, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ), along with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), introduced the Energy Opportunities for All Act, which would nullify the Biden admin’s overreaching actions that ban citizens from lawfully exercising the rights over their lands and resources.

In June, the Biden administration issued a Public Land Order banning approximately 336,404.42 acres of federal mineral estate surrounding the Chaco Canyon National Historical Park for 20 years. This effectively prevents all private landowners and Navajo allottees from mineral leasing land in this area.

The ban will have significant negative economic impacts on both Navajo Nation and the American taxpayer, severely limiting tribal revenue, economic development, self-sufficiency, and American energy production.

Chaco Canyon carries both cultural and historical significance for communities in the region. The development of this land should be determined by those with lawful sovereignty – not out-of-touch Biden admin officials hellbent on imposing their radical agenda on tribal communities.

The Biden admin’s ban makes it clear that the administration only cares about Tribal voices so long as they’re in line with the approved agenda.

Interestingly, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, when serving in Congress, had complained that “the Trump administration failed to fulfill its legal and moral obligation to consult with Native Americans,” while working on a lease sale that was ultimately deferred.

The Biden administration, of which Secretary Haaland is a part, is now imposing an unprecedented blockade on Native mineral rights and has refused to listen to Navajo Nation’s concerns.

“This administration likes to talk about their supposed support for Tribal communities but has no problem implementing a destructive chokehold on Tribal revenue and economic prosperity, “ said Rep. Eli Crane. “Secretary Haaland and President Biden are throwing Navajo Nation under a bus driven by extremists with no concern for Native interests or the energy needs of all Americans. I’m proud to introduce this bill that would invalidate the Biden admin’s meddlesome ban that violates Native sovereignty, and am pleased that this legislation is receiving a hearing in the House Committee on Natural Resources next week.”