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October 25, 2023

Rep. Crane Leads Effort to Terminate Employment of Hamas-Supporting DHS Asylum Officer

Following reporting from the Daily Wire, revealing that Nejwa Ali, an Asylum Officer at the Department of Homeland Security, posted extremist content on her social media glorifying the recent terrorist attack in Israel, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) wrote a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas calling for her immediate termination.

“We are writing to address a concern regarding your decision to hire Nejwa Ali. It is my understanding your Department employs Ali, the former spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, as an Asylum Officer. As an Asylum Officer, Ms. Ali would be responsible for vetting asylum seekers to ensure they are not a threat to the country.”

Ms. Ali has a history of posting abhorrently antisemitic and hateful rhetoric on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, which has only intensified since Hamas carried out an attack against Israel on October 7. The terror attack claimed the lives of more than 1,400 people, including 31 Americans. The attack involved Palestinian militants paragliding into Israel upon which they set civilians on fire, raped women, kidnapped children, and slaughtered entire families.

Following the attack, Ms. Ali posted a graphic of armed terrorists paragliding into Israel with the caption “FREE PALESTINE, glorifying and justifying the murderous rampage carried out by Hamas terrorists.

In another post, Ms. Ali exclaims, “F*** Israel and any Jew who supports Israel.”

Rep. Crane is joined by Reps. Brecheen (R-OK), Rosendale (R-MT), Ogles (R-TN), Miller (R-IL), Cloud (R-TX), and Norman (R-SC) in calling out Ali’s employment.

“This inexplicable hiring decision by Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security clearly shows that the Biden Administration cannot be trusted to keep our border secure and our country safe. Terrorist sympathizers should not be employed by our federal government, period,” said Congressman Josh Brecheen.

“It’s disgraceful that someone who supports terrorism and harbors such vile, antisemitic beliefs is stationed within one of our nation’s institutions charged with safeguarding Americans’ security. The idea that Ms. Ali is responsible for vetting those seeking to enter the United States is chilling,” said Rep. Eli Crane.