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November 02, 2023

Crane Votes to Support Israel as Jewish State Eradicates Hamas

Following House passage of an aid package to Israel as it fights a war to defeat Hamas and rescue hostages, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) released this statement:

“The Jewish State has been a valuable partner of the U.S. since its miraculous founding in 1948 and our mutually beneficial relationship has made both nations safer and more prosperous.

“Israel is defending herself against vicious animals who aim to carry out a genocide against Jews. This aid package, which is offset by rescinding billions for Biden’s weaponized IRS, is reciprocal of our shared interests—not a furtherance of another forever war. Israel is up against the same forces of darkness that have fueled countless Islamic terror attacks against Americans. The recent onslaught in Israel has already claimed the lives of at least 33 American civilians, with more Americans missing or being held hostage.

“The October 7th terror attack sheds light on the threats we’re exposed to within the American homeland, thanks to Biden’s open border.

“As a believer, as an American, and as a veteran, I am proud to stand with Israel.”