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November 15, 2023

Rep. Crane Launches Veterans Advisory Council

PRESCOTT, AZ – Today, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ), a 13-year veteran of the Navy, former Navy SEAL, and member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, launched a Veterans Advisory Council. The council is multifaceted and geared towards supporting the Congressman’s commitment to veterans and their well-being.

The council will serve as a crucial link between Rep. Crane, his constituents who are veterans, and the broader veteran community.

Their responsibilities include information sharing, supporting academy nominations, community advocacy, and participation in quarterly updates to ensure that veterans receive the support and representation they deserve.

“As a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee who represents a significant number of veterans in Northern Arizona, I’m sharply focused on fighting for those who risked their lives for the safety and prosperity of our nation,” said Rep. Crane. “I’m proud to assemble this group that will provide a range of distinct views from across Arizona’s Second Congressional District on issues and challenges facing our veterans.”

Inaugural members of the advisory council include:

Darryl Ahasteen, U.S. Army

Gary Anderson, U.S. Army

Rick Johnson, U.S. Marines

Sherra Kissee, U.S. Air Force

HJ “Mitch” Mitchell, U.S. Air Force

Jim Muhr, U.S. Army

Brian Price, U.S. Navy

Mark Reynolds, U.S. Air Force

Steve Reynolds, U.S. Marines

Josephine Sibole, U.S. Navy

Kelly Silva, U.S. Army

John Speer, U.S. Navy

Michelle Stacy-Schroeder, U.S. Army

Eugene Talas, U.S. Air Force

Contact: Zach Kahler